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    Redwood Gospel Mission
  • Hiring Oneicity was the best decision I've made in 27 years of ministry. — Rev. Bill Roscoe, President/CEO
    Boise Rescue Mission Ministries
  • You can trust Oneicity with your donors. — Sylvia Anderson, CEO
    Everett Gospel Mission
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    Shepherd’s Gate

Beating the Industry Average

Integration makes the difference.

Online Income that’s NOT Average

Growing your online income year over year is increasingly challenging the more years you do it. Right? It was easier the first year you concentrated on lifting the results of that line. Year after year, it becomes a harder game.

We continue to see great results from online giving for our clients. As an example, one of our Rescue Mission clients who we’ve been serving for 4 years recently reported that their online revenue had grown 15% over last year (and they grew the previous years, as well).

2019 Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmark Report listed 2.11% as the average year over year growth of online transaction revenue of nonprofits in the Human and Social Services sector.

Growth in online income is no longer easy or automatic.

You’ll need great integrated strategies that are designed to connect donors with the heartbeat of your ministry. It’s not good enough to think about the tactics or technology. It takes integration across channels, messaging that’s spot-on and a deep understanding of how donors today are acting. (And don’t believe anyone who says your donors are too old to respond online.)

If you’re curious about how to improve your online revenue, let’s talk, maybe we can make a difference.