• The Oneicity process can grow your ministry and your donors will love it! — Jeff Gilman, Executive Director
    Redwood Gospel Mission
  • Hiring Oneicity was the best decision I've made in 27 years of ministry. — Rev. Bill Roscoe, President/CEO
    Boise Rescue Mission Ministries
  • You can trust Oneicity with your donors. — Sylvia Anderson, CEO
    Everett Gospel Mission
  • After working with the Oneicity team for nearly a decade, I know I can count on them to deliver the fundraising results I need to grow. Their strategy and creativity help us to develop long-term relationships with donors who care about our organization. I'm blessed by their partnership. — Carol Patterson, CEO
    Shepherd’s Gate

A Strong Fall

Fall Income Up 20%!

The September to December timeframe is arguably the most important fundraising season for any ministry. For Rescue Missions, it can be the make or break season!

In serving Rescue Missions, we’re always focused on providing income in every channel, in every way through building donor relationships (it’s the Donoricity way).

We began working with a medium-sized mission in the spring of 2016. We were brought in after a difficult experience with another ad agency that let them down. Now after our 4th “fall season,” we’re delighted to report that income is up 18% when we compare year over year.

Here’s the key to that growth:

1. Our client does great ministry in their community. Their leadership is solid and consistent. (We do great work but there’s no substitute for great ministry).
2. The Donoricity strategy works. Direct mail impacts integrated with online messaging and emails connects with donors who want to change lives.

There is no substitute for creative messaging that tells the story of how lives are changed. Telling donors of life-changing ministry through Oneicity’s strategy and creative work lifts revenue in significant ways.

If you’d like to know talk about your Fall income, click here.