hoots and thomas: married?

June 16, 2009 |

Yep. For the record, we’re married. One of the greatest blessings in our lives is getting to work together. As we began Oneicity we didn’t hide it, but we didn’t talk it about until people had gotten to know us professionally first.

We didn’t want people thinking about the “married” thing before they got to know our professional and fundraising work. Besides the name “Kris Hoots” has such a strong reputation in our business that she didn’t want to confuse it by introducing another name.

Hoots and ThomasHowever an interesting thing has happened. The nonprofits and ministries Oneicity serves have a surprising number of husbands and wives who are working together. We had no idea so many other couples were enjoying that blessing as well. So now we’re blessed to join the ranks of husbands and wives who work together.

You might even stumble into us as a couple “out there” in the social media world and discover more of the personal side of Oneicity. We’re blessed by great family, great friends and a blessed life. And we look forward to sharing more of our story with you.

We’d love to know more about your story. Leave us a comment and tell us more about your experience working with your spouse or other people in your family.


Hoots and Thomas

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3 Responses to “hoots and thomas: married?”

  1. Gayle Sanders says:

    Volunteers of America was founded in 1896 by Maude and Ballington Booth – also a married couple! I do the Twitter for AfterShare – a program in our shelter. We are under the umbrella of Volunteers of America Chesapeake. I work with my husband Danny. We feel very lucky to be partners in this work. He covers the more facility-type stuff and I work with the program…but we are still a team and work as a whole.

  2. […] Kris and Steve initially opted to keep their relationship status on the down low until clients and colleagues got to know them better. But once they realized that many of the clients and vendors they worked with were also shacked up, they decided they could afford to be less tight-lipped about their personal partnership. While the couple doesn’t exactly come right out and flaunt their marital status in their company’s marketing materials, they have blogged about it on their business site. […]

  3. […] Hoots came in from the mailbox a few days ago. She was laughing and holding a couple of green envelopes. She dropped them and the other mail on the table. […]

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