The Dipstick

Grow your online giving in 90 days
with The Dipstick

The Dipstick is a product for nonprofits or ministries who want to increase their effectiveness in the digital space (website, email, social media, online giving) but have limited resources.

The Dipstick is for you if:

• You struggle to find enough time to
boost your online giving . . .
• You aren’t sure where to put your
resources online . . .
• You know you should be integrating
but don’t really know what to do . . .
• You aren’t satisfied with 10% or 20%
increases in online giving . . .

The Dipstick can help you take your online giving to the next level.

The Dipstick begins with 90 days of intensive 1-on-1 consulting and coaching to give you the tools, strategy and know-how to grow your online giving. These aren’t group sessions; The Dipstick offers you individually the opportunity to lay the groundwork now for an incredible 4th quarter of growing online income.


“Many of our clients see their online giving grow 30-40% per year!”

Dipstick options

Get the tools to capitalize on big-time income opportunities (that are often missed) like:

Giving Tuesday
Year-End Giving

Plus, we continue to walk alongside you the rest of the year. Answering questions via email, providing you analytics to stay accountable and keeping you up-to-date on new strategies and tools to keep you sharp.

25 percent

Interested?  Want to learn more?   No signing on the dotted line required, just a bit more information to answer your questions and get you started.


5 Things you should be tracking online

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