• Oneicity is faithful and gutsy! The Oneicity team has served the Mission for several years, and they deliver great service and cutting edge strategy without fail. I count on them as faithful friends of the Mission.   — Jeff Gilman, Executive Director
    Redwood Gospel Mission
  • Oneicity gives us guidance in our fundraising and marketing. We enjoy their ability to respond nimbly to our needs and provide the necessary guidance for our growth. We always benefit from thinking with their team on new ways to grow. — Dr. Max Lange, Founder and President
    Childcare Worldwide
  • "We love the way Oneicity helps us communicate with our donors. They clearly share our passion for our cause. We couldn’t be more pleased with their work."
    — Alan Cerro, Board President
    Shepherd’s Gate

Integrated Fundraising Works!

And it doesn't have to cost more!

The Situation:

In our second year working with a full-service client, we were able to fully integrate all marketing and fundraising messaging.

The Strategy:

Oneicity fully integrated all marketing and fundraising messaging across every channel. Radio stations and other media coordinated with Oneicity for scheduling, but also to maintain consistent content and “asks.”

People in their region saw consistent content from every media channel used: direct mail, radio, email, signage, social media and online to name a few.

The Results:

Here are just a few of the results we celebrated with our client:

  • The number of gifts received was at a 6-year high!
  • The number of active donors was at a 6-year high!
  • Income was at a 6-year high (19% increase year over year)!
  • Online giving grew 30%!
  • And all of that with a 4% decrease in fundraising expenses over the prior year!

The Implications:

Your mileage may vary, but the power of fully-integrated fundraising and marketing is undeniable. When donors see, hear and read consistent messaging, they respond in powerful ways. We’d love the opportunity to think with you about how you can tap into the power of integrated fundraising to grow your ministry or nonprofit.

If you’d like to know if you would be a good fit for full integration, click here.