• Oneicity is faithful and gutsy! The Oneicity team has served the Mission for several years, and they deliver great service and cutting edge strategy without fail. I count on them as faithful friends of the Mission.   — Jeff Gilman, Executive Director
    Redwood Gospel Mission
  • Oneicity gives us guidance in our fundraising and marketing. We enjoy their ability to respond nimbly to our needs and provide the necessary guidance for our growth. We always benefit from thinking with their team on new ways to grow. — Dr. Max Lange, Founder and President
    Childcare Worldwide
  • "We love the way Oneicity helps us communicate with our donors. They clearly share our passion for our cause. We couldn’t be more pleased with their work."
    — Alan Cerro, Board President
    Shepherd’s Gate

Huge Online Giving Results

4 days of growth

The Situation:

Our client had enjoyed strong online giving from donors at the end of the year. But those gifts had come without much promotion or marketing to their donors about year-end giving. As a portion of our online fundraising strategy for the client, Oneicity planned a year-end push for online gifts during the last 4 days of the calendar year without making a big fuss about the tax deadline (donors don’t need that reminder).

The Strategy:

Oneicity’s strategy connected donors with the opportunity to help end the year by focusing on the results of their giving. All direct mail, website pages and email were integrated to create a strong year-end message to donors. The primary additions to the schedule from the previous year were well-targeted email and online messages to donors. The messaging was not about tax implications but on the power of their giving at the end of the year.

The Results:

After the dust settled and the online giving was totaled, our client enjoyed a healthy increase in year-over-year online giving that was well above the national average.

Specifically, comparing the last 4 days of the prior year to the last 4 days of the current year, Oneicity’s year-end push strategy delivered these results:

49% increase in online income
5% increase in the number of gifts
42% increase in average gift size

Our client enjoyed a sweet income increase from donors giving larger gifts.

The Implications:

Without increasing the number of gifts significantly, Oneicity was able to generate significant growth in income without bombarding donors with emails or incurring large expenses. The secret sauce of this great online strategy is knowledge of donor motivations and great implementation with simple online tools (tools you already have). While we can’t guarantee you’ll see results like this, we do know that organizations of all sizes are not realizing the opportunities that are available to them at year-end.

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