book Drawing on his expertise consulting with nonprofits and ministries of all sizes, plus his experience as the CEO of a nonprofit, Steve Thomas is beginning a revolution in fundraising and development with his e-book:
The No Thank You” Revolution!

Steve’s surprising message is that thanking your donors actually hinders your growth.

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Today’s fundraising and development landscape demands that growing organizations think and act differently than ever before. The competition for donor attention is so great that organizations that want to grow must take advantage of this concept . . . and stop thanking donors.

Yet, the strategy of only asking for gifts without follow up communication is doomed to fail. The No Thank You Revolution will demonstrate the missing component to successful donor relationships which lead to income growth.

This revolutionary FREE book will change forever the way you communicate with your donors.

In Steve’s book, you’ll learn:

• Why your natural inclination to say “thank you” is harming your development and fundraising efforts.
• What message your donors crave.
• How you can use this powerful strategy immediately.
• How this strategy fits donors of all ages and motivations.
• How this strategy connects with donors at every giving level.
• The pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when using this strategy.
• Real-life examples of how to use The No Thank You Revolution.
• Plus opportunities for additional tools and coaching on how The No Thank You Revolution can change the future of your organization.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn for yourself this key strategy that many growing nonprofits and causes use to gain a competitive advantage.

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