inauguration day

January 20, 2009 |

Inauguration Day 2009. An inauguration is an installation of newcomers. Today our country gets a new president.

And today, Oneicity launches its blog and website.

For many, Barack Obama represents hope for a new future. For some, today is a day of sadness. But whatever the emotions, it is a monumental day, a beginning, a marker, a line in stone.

In many ways, for the two of us, it is the same. A happy, scary, exciting moment. For with this blog and website, we leap!!!

We have worked and planned and churned and wondered. We have gotten up early and stayed up late (really late!). We have thought our work was incredible, and we have doubted ourselves. We are thankful for God’s care and blessing. We are grateful for those who have believed in us and campaigned for us.

And we are excited by our partnership—this crazy dream we have to help ministries and nonprofits with the very best in cutting-edge strategy and analysis.

We are anticipating the conversation and the journey with friends we haven’t met yet and ministries we might serve. We can’t wait to get to see what is around the next bend of this road we are traveling.

Today we start this revolution we call Oneicity. Join us, we need your voice.

Gaelen Foley writes: “Leap and the net will appear.”
Marley Porter adds: “The gift of flight is reserved for those who jump.”

And jump we do!!!

What are you jumping into in 2009?

—Hoots and Thomas

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4 Responses to “inauguration day”

  1. Jason King says:

    On behalf of myself, and our partners-in-crime, ODYSSEY would like to congratulate Hoots and Thomas on their launch of Oneicity and wish them all the luck in the world. Their success will be a result of their hard work, integrity, and the great relationships they build.

    For the past 11 years ODYSSEY has had a primary goal of our own, to deliver “the tools for your business journey.” We are proud to have delivered one of the tools that will aid in Oneicity’s success and to be advocate-proof of their philosophy of relationships.

  2. Shelley Long says:

    To the remarkable Oneicity team, I pray that blessings be returned to them as they have generously bestowed on others! And I compliment them on their vision and drive. Life would be flat without teams like Hoots and Thomas that live their life out with fierce compassion.

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